What Happens After I Get a DUI?

Although it isn’t easy, it is sometimes possible to get DUI charges dropped. A more likely outcome is to attempt to have your consequences reduced. Receiving a lighter punishment, a lighter charge, or in some cases a dismissal, relies on a strong legal defense and quality representation. If you’ve been legitimately charged with a DUI, chances are there will be some consequences.  The consequences can range in severity depending on your case, your history, and the quality of your representation
Most first time DUI offenders get placed on some type of probation, but it is possible for the court to order you to serve time in county jail. This is true even for misdemeanor offenses, depending on the laws in your state.  Depending upon the blood alcohol level, a first time DUI offender may wind up having their driver’s license suspended, however in some cases a restricted driver’s license can be obtained.  Sanctions on the driver’s license are largely a function of the Secretary of State, based upon the type of conviction incurred.  It is important to note that any sanctions begin soon after conviction, rather than at the time of sentencing.  For persons convicted of a DUI related offense the Judge is not allowed to sentence the individual until after he or she is interviewed by the probation department and an alcohol assessment is reviewed.  The alcohol assessment is a written test that questions a person’s alcohol/drug history so the Judge can decide what, if any, rehabilitative services are needed.
Conditions for probation also vary significantly in length, fees, and terms. In some cases you may be required to attend drug or alcohol counseling, submit to regular urine analysis, and/or perform community service.
If you don’t have disposable income, a DUI could be a huge financial burden. Initial fines, court fees, probation fees, and urinalysis fees can add up to a small fortune, especially over the extended term of your probation. If you have multiple DUI offenses the fees can become even more cumbersome. If required to install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle you could be forced to pay a rental fee that can be hundreds of dollars per month.  The police and prosecution are entitled to seek reimbursement for the cost of prosecution. On top of various legal fees, a DUI can cause an increased rate on your auto insurance policy.
Even if you are experiencing your first DUI arrest, an qualified attorney can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case and the severity of your judgement. With help from an attorney you can have fees reduced, possibly avoid jail time, potentially limit your probation requirements, and even have your charges reduced or dropped. It’s important not to waste any time before hiring an attorney that specialized in criminal defense. The longer you wait before consulting with an attorney, the greater the risk that you will make a mistake that can affect the outcome of your case.
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