Top Criminal Lawyer in Michigan Daniel Hilf

If you have been accused of a crime, you must retain the services of a criminal defense attorney immediately. Finding the right criminal defense attorney is crucial to the outcome of your case and will impact the rest of your life. Don’t put your future at stake—take great care when selecting an attorney to represent you in court. Daniel Hilf is an expert criminal defense attorney who has been specializing in criminal defense for almost two decades and can get you the results you deserve.
Daniel Hilf possesses the qualities to increase your confidence in his ability to represent you effectively.
  • He cares about your case. Defendants in criminal prosecutions often feel embarrassed, fearful, and depressed. Daniel Hilf offers aggressive, compassionate counsel and moves quickly to ensure your security. He understands the impact a criminal case can have on your life and acts accordingly to get you positive results. Daniel Hilf is a conscientious attorney who will listen to you and take any sufficient information to proactively incorporate it in a strong defense strategy.  He understands that no case is more important than yours.
  • He has the credibility and experience to get you exceptional results. With over two decades of criminal defense practice and having won numerous awards—including the Top 10 Attorney Award from the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys in 2013.  He is endorsed by other criminal defense lawyers as an effective and trusted advocate who will work on your behalf.  Daniel Hilf is capable of mounting a skillful defense for you.
  • He has exceptional communication and strong negotiation skills. He listens to you and helps you understand every aspect of your case and every possible repercussion. Daniel Hilf is also an excellent public speaker who communicates persuasively and confidently. He is skilled in negotiating a plea bargain to reduce your penalties as much as possible in the case of a conviction.
  • He has an excellent local reputation. Daniel Hilf has conducted over 100 jury trials in Michigan courts and is knowledgeable about the rules and regulations unique to each district. He is familiar with local prosecutors and understands how police officers operate in court.  Prosecutors respect his advocacy and legal ability, and know that he is not afraid to go to trial, and that he will not back down.  Because of this, prosecutors are more inclined to make fair offers to resolve cases.  However, if a trial is required, Attorney Daniel Hilf will respect your decision and work hard to achieve the right result.
No matter how highly recommended a lawyer may be, it is essential that he is someone with whom you can feel comfortable. Daniel Hilf doesn’t view you as just a case file—he is your advocate who has a genuine desire to help you. You will be partners in the decision-making process and learn firsthand how his professionalism and experience can help secure your future. Time is precious—don’t wait any longer and contact Hilf & Hilf, PLC today for a consultation to protect your legal rights.
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