Why You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Oakland County MI

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Oakland County is the second most populated county in Michigan with a population of over 1.2 million residents. A large population can lead to strict law enforcement and heavily policed streets. Over 25,000 Oakland County arrests were made in 2012 alone, according to a report by the Criminal Justice Information Center of Michigan. Rigorous police enforcement and emphasis on arrests can lead to false imprisonment and wrongful convictions, especially if you are a minority or have a past record. Should you ever find yourself arrested for a crime, it is important to retain the counsel of a qualified criminal defense attorney to protect your rights.
Criminal law is a complex body of legislation that is unique to each state. A criminal defense attorney has an understanding of probable cause and can challenge an arresting officer’s reasoning in court. Before a trial even begins, a criminal defense lawyer may be able to convince a court to drop charges against you based on insufficient evidence. An attorney may also effectively negotiate a plea bargain to reduce your charges when appropriate.  In some instances, the experienced criminal defense lawyer can reach a sentence agreement with the Court to avoid an otherwise harsh result.
For persons who are not United States citizens that have criminal charges pending, an experienced criminal defense lawyer with immigration experience is mandatory.  Many criminal defense lawyers, even experienced criminal defense lawyers, do not have sufficient knowledge and ability to help clients with criminal cases that have immigration issues.  Hilf & Hilf, PLC is one of the few firms in Michigan that have legal experts in both criminal defense and immigration law.
An average person does not have an adequate enough understanding of the law or criminal justice process to sufficiently represent oneself in court. A criminal defense attorney doesn’t simply question witnesses—a reputable lawyer will make sure that you are afforded all the protections provided under the law. The consequences of having poor legal representation can be severe, leading to hefty fines and long prison sentences.
While our justice system is supposed to punish those who break the law, it doesn’t always work that way. We say “innocent until proven guilty” but the reality is that if you are accused of a crime, you will be fighting experienced prosecutors with an inexperienced jury. Wrongful convictions also occur more frequently than many would like to admit. This is why it’s absolutely imperative to have an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you mount a rock-solid defense. A good attorney will fight for you and defend your rights.
With so many factors working against you, you can’t afford not to retain counsel when your rights are at stake. Criminal defense attorney Daniel Hilf has nearly 20 years of experience successfully defending those facing criminal charges in Oakland County MI. His excellent local reputation, impressive communication and negotiation skills, and aggressive courtroom tactics can get you the results you deserve. If have been accused of a crime, contact attorney Daniel Hilf today to discuss your legal options.
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