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There are three basic steps in the Green Card process through Employer Sponsorship:
1.  Labor Certification through the PERM process – PERM (Program Electronic Review Management) is the process for obtaining labor certification.  An employer must test the United States employment market in order to demonstrate that the employer could not find any minimally qualified United States workers willing to accept an open position that is offered at a wage equal to or greater than the prevailing wage for similarly employed workers.  The United States employer must first request a prevailing wage determination from the State Workforce Agency having jurisdiction over the intended area of employment. On ETA form 9089 the employer is required to provide the following: the prevailing wage; the prevailing wage tracking number (if applicable); the SOC/O*NET (OES) code; the skill level; the wage source; the occupation title; their determination date; the expiration date; the proposed wage for the alien.
Generally, the employer must prove through recruitment methods such as newspaper ads that they were not successful in their attempts to recruit a qualified United States worker for the offered position.  A job order and 2 print advertisements are required for all applications for professional occupations, except applications for university or college teachers seleceted in a competative selection and recruitment process.
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