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Drug possession, cultivation, and manufacturing charges are very serious and require skilled legal representation.  Michigan, like other states, recognizes that drug related crimes can vary in terms of seriousness.  In the State of Michigan, there are 5 categories of drug crimes.  Defendants facing any of the following drug related charges need to secure expert legal representation.

Schedule 1 Controlled Substances include drugs like marijuana, heroin, mushrooms, ecstasy, and LSD.  Schedule 2 Controlled Substances include cocaine, opium, morphine, and oxycodone.  Medical marijuana also falls under this umbrella.  Schedule 3 Substances consist of drugs that have some medical purposes, but can lead to dependence and abuse.  Some examples include lower power morphine, anabolic steroids, codeine, and more.  Schedule 4 Substances are considered less serious than Schedule 3 and include drugs like Xanax and Valium.  Lastly, Schedule 5 Substances include medicines consisting of ephedrine, codeine, mixtures with opium among others.

Those charged with Schedule 1 or 2 are facing very serious consequences.  Defendants with lesser charges should not mistakenly consider a reduced charge as something insignificant.  All drug charges can result in severe consequences in Michigan and need to be taken seriously.  For this reason, defendants in Michigan should contact a firm with a longstanding history of providing legal representation in drug related cases ranging from Schedule 1 through Schedule 5.

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