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Below is a list of traffic tickets which need to be addressed at the 52/2 District Court in Clarkson, Michigan when the traffic offense occurs in one of  the following communities: Brandon Township; Holly Township; Groveland Township; Independence Township; Rose Township; Springfield Township; White Lake Township; Clarkson; Village of Holly; Village of Ortonville.  The 52/2 District Court is located at 5850 Lorac in the city of Clarkston, Michigan 48346.  The Judges currently serving the 52/4 District Court are the Honorable Joseph G. Fabrizio and the Honorable Kelley Kostin.

Misdemeanor traffic tickets require the individual cited to appear in court to address the matter.  Civil infractions can be either contested in court (if the individual makes a timely request) or payment can be made in person, by mail, or online to satisfy the ticket.  The fines listed below are subject to change.  Misdemeanor traffic offenses also carry a potential penalty that may include the following depending upon the offense: jail time, probation with conditions, fines, costs, restitution, driver’s responsibility fees, and driver’s license sanctions.   Failure to appear or pay tickets on a timely basis can result in a bench warrant for the individual’s arrest, additional fines and costs, and suspension of driving privileges.  If you receive a misdemeanor  traffic ticket, or wish to contest a civil infraction, you should hire an experienced local attorney, such as the attorneys at Hilf & Hilf, PLC.

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