RESULTS Drug & Alcohol Testing

For Defendants in Oakland County that are on bond or bail sentence, and Defendants who are under a misdemeanor or felony sentence in Oakland County, the Court sometimes orders drug and/or alcohol testing.  Under RESULTS, the individual is assigned a letter for alcohol testing and/or a color for drug testing.  The RESULTS participant must call a hotline number daily- (248) 975-9662 – to see if their letter and/or color is randomly selected for a particular day.  If the letter and/or color for the day is selected that applies to a particular Defendant, he or she must report for testing at a designated RESULTS location before a designated time  Make up tests are not allowed.

The 2 current RESULTS testing sites are as follows:

Pontiac/ Waterford office at 250 Elizabeth Lake Road, Suite 1700 in Pontiac, Michigan 48341;
Troy office at 1151 Crooks Road in Troy, Michigan 48084.
RESULTS is not the only drug testing agency that works with Courts in Oakland County.  DOTS (in Troy) is an example of another testing agency, but a Defendant when ordered must comply with the testing agency that he or she is directed to appear at by the Court.
At the test, the fee for a PBT to measure possible alcohol is $4, and urine screens are $15 per test.  PBT tests are administered to the Defendant directly by a RESULTS staff person.  The drug tests are also directly witnessed by a RESULTS staff persons (a male staff person for men, a female staff person for women) to make sure that the urine provided comes directly from the person being tested.  The temperature of the urine is checked to ensure that a false sample is not submitted.  Samples are also screened for dilution (too much water) and/or adulterants (substances to mask positive urine screens or creatine levels that suggest adulteration).
The drug test is able to detect most common illicit and prescription substances.  If the Defendant lawfully takes a prescription, he or she must provide proof to RESULTS in order to prevent a false positive drug screen.  Medical marijuana (even with a valid prescription) is not viewed as a legitimate prescription by most Courts.  Some Courts are wary about lawful prescriptions that are subject to abuse such as vicodin or oxycotton.
Positive drug screens (meaning drug screens that test positive above cut off levels that comply with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT)), are confirmed by the performance of a second immunoassay drug screen on the same urine sample.  A report concerning a Defendant’s compliance with testing, and any positive alcohol or drug screens, are provided to the Court, probation, and the Prosecutor’s office.  Violations due to lack of testing, failing to pay for testing, or by testing positive, can lead to the revocation of a bond or a violation of probation proceedings depending upon the procedural circumstances of the Defendant.
Whenever an accusation is made that a person failed to comply with alcohol or drug testing as directed, he or she should immediately contact their lawyer.  For any criminal matter, it is important to receive great legal representation from an experienced criminal defense lawyer.
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