WWAM – Weekend & Weekday Alternative for Misdemeanants

In Oakland County, District Court Judges have the ability to sentence a individual convicted of a misdemeanor to WWAM.  WWAM is a supervised community service program in which the participant performs work for government or non profit organizations Wednesdays through Sunday.  Often WWAM is ordered in lieu of a jail sentence.  It is only available for misdemeanor offenses under state law or local ordinance; felony charges are not eligible for WWAM.

The participant in WWAM must report to 250 Elizabeth Lake Road,, Suite 1520 in Pontiac, Michigan no later than 8:00 am on their scheduled WWAM date.  The participants are kept until 4:00 pm.  Late arrivals will be prevented from participating.  Failure to participate in WWAM as directed can result in a probation violation.
The participant must also dress appropriately for their work detail and based upon the weather conditions.  Winter boots must be worn between November 15th and March 31st.  The participant must also bring proper photo identification (Passport, Driver’s License, State ID), to prove their identity.  Lunch is not provided, but the participant is allowed to bring their own lunch.
For persons with injuries or medical conditions there are alternate placements that the Court can consider.  These positions are usually sit down positions, such as sorting clothes at the Salvation Army, making clothing items, etc.
A Defendant sentenced to WWAM must be given anywhere from a minimum of 2 days in the program, up to a maximum of 20 days.  The participant must pay $15 for each day of WWAM participation in the form of a money order made out to OCCCD.
Failure to perform WWAM hours, or being discharged from the program, is sometimes the basis for a probation violation.  However, often what the Judge does is directs the Defendant to serve a jail sentence that WWAM suspended.  Serving a jail sentence does not necessary mean the Defendant’s probation is terminated.  This is up to the Judge to decide.  The Judge has the ability to have a Defendant serve a jail sentence due to a violation related to WWAM, but still continue him or her on probation.  If an alleged WWAM violation occurs it is important to contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer to see what can be done.  In some instances the criminal defense lawyer may be able to have WWAM reinstated.  In other cases, the experienced criminal lawyer may be able to minimize any other punishment that the Defendant may incur.
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