Question – Will my husband be eligible for bootcamp?

Will my husband be eligible for a bootcamp ?

My husband was convicted of extortion and he got 3 to 6 years, its his first felony ever so i was wondering if he would be eligible for serving bootcamp instead of prison, please answer me and thank you so much?

 In Michigan, a person facing prison may shorten their incarceration if they are placed in and successfully complete the MDOC Prisoner Boot Camp. Both men and women are candidates for the program. The first portion of the program is ninety (90) days in length, during which the inmate participates in strenuous physical exercise, community projects work, educational and vocational counseling. Inmates who successfully complete the boot camp program are immediately paroled to aftercare in the area of the inmate’s residence. The aftercare component is a combination of a 30 day residential substance abuse treatment program and 90 days on electronic monitoring. If an inmate does not exhibit a need for residential substance abuse treatment, the 30 day residential treatment program can be waived and the probationer will participate in electronic monitoring for 120 days. The inmate is then placed on 5 months of intensive monitoring. Inmates who fail the program are transferred to a regular prison to complete their sentence.

Not everyone qualifies for Michigan SAI prisoner boot camp. There is a laundry list of offenses that are ineligible offenses. Convictions for many sex offenses, many violent offenses, and drunk driving are all ineligible offenses. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can advise you as to which offenses are eligible for the program.

The Defendant must receive a minimum prison sentence of 3 years or less (2 year minimum for breaking and entering or home invasion), also to qualify. If the Defendant has pending felony charges or detainers, has served a prison sentence before, is a habitual offender, or has emotional or physical problems that make them unable to follow the strict regiment at boot camp, he or she is also not eligible to participate in the program. Lastly, if a Defendant has a prior conviction for a sex offense, indecent exposure, or kidnapping they are likewise ineligible, even though the conviction offense has nothing to do with that.

The sentencing Judge must indicate on the record that he or she has “no objection to placement in Prisoner SAI Program”. The sentencing Court does not retain jurisdiction of the case. Boot camp can shorten the sentence, and avoid issues with the parole board and their decision making process. However, an individual who violates parole after completing the bootcamp is subject to the normal parole violation process.

You should consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney, such as Daniel Hilf of Hilf & Hilf, PLC, if boot camp is a possible option for you or a loved one. Depending on the Court and the County of the offense, and the individual circumstances of the case, the Defense attorney may be able to negotiate with the Judge and/or the Prosecutor for a sentence of MDOC SAI Prisoner boot camp.  Your best option is to hire a criminal defense lawyer with the experience to help.

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