Why You Need an Immigration Lawyer

People all over the world have dreams about one day immigrating to the United States. They know, however, that this process can be confusing and difficult to manage on their own. Many people find the immigration process to be overwhelming and complex, and it is not something that you should deal with on your own.  With the complexities of the U.S. immigration process, seeking counsel from an immigration attorney can be incredibly useful and save you from a number of inconveniences and disappointments.  If you’re not sure whether or not you should consult with an attorney at any point during the immigration process, here are some ways in which an attorney who specializes in immigration law can help you.

The most agonizing aspect of the immigration process is usually the paperwork.  Not only does it seem like there is a ridiculous amount of it, but one mistake can lead to delays in the application process, if not being completely denied.  Having an attorney help you with paperwork will increase your chance of being accepted and ensure that you are not making any costly mistakes.  Mistakes cost money, time, may prevent you from obtaining benefits for you and/or a family member, and in some instances can have negative repercussions concerning your immigration situation.

An attorney who specializes in immigration law will be aware of the various options available when applying for immigration and advise you as to what the best approach to take when applying. Depending on your situation, just because you are denied immigration does not necessarily mean you can not immigrate.  It is possible that you just need a lawyer to advise you on how to cater your application for the highest likelihood of success.

Having an experienced immigration lawyer will hep reduce the stress, anxiety, and frustration that you may feel during the immigration process.  It ultimately is money well spent.

The worst-case scenario any immigrant can face is deportation. If you are required to attend a deportation hearing it is absolutely essential that you consult with an attorney.  Enlisting the help of an attorney early on in your application process will ensure that you have an attorney present at your hearing that has an intimate knowledge of you and your case.  An experienced attorney can mean the difference between successfully avoiding deportation and being forced to uproot your life.

If you need the help of an attorney in your immigration process, the main factor you should consider is whether or not they have dealt with these types of cases before. Immigration law is an incredibly nuanced and complex field and in many cases requires an attorney who has intimate knowledge and experience of the laws and processes involved.   This has lead to a immigration law becoming a very specialized field of practice.

Unfortunately, many people living in the U.S. are here illegally or have been unsuccessful in attempts at U.S. citizenship. Don’t take any chances when it comes to legal matters, especially those involving your immigration status.  If you are in the Metro Detroit area it is recommended that you contact the immigration specialists at Hilf & Hilf.

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