What Rights Are Lost After a Felony Conviction?

Felony Conviction

As Americans, we revere our civil liberties and hold our rights close to our hearts. However, if you are convicted of a felony, then you will lose some of those rights. Since a felony charge always carries serious penalties and life altering consequences, it’s important to work with a skilled criminal defense attorney who will not only work hard to keep you out of jail, but will also fight to protect your freedom to exercise your rights.

Some crimes that the federal government and the State of Michigan classify as felonies include possession of drugs, assault with a weapon, and burglary over $1,000. Once defendants are convicted of a felony, they lose many rights, such as the right to vote. Many states prohibit felons from ever voting again, but in Michigan, convicted felons are only barred from voting while they are incarcerated. Upon release, they are free to vote again. Other rights felons lose include joining the military and serving on a jury.

When it comes to possessing firearms, felons lose the right under both Michigan and federal law. Felons are also prohibited from carrying a concealed weapon, no matter the type or size. They are also unable to obtain a Michigan liquor or gaming license. As such, felons cannot own any business that sells or serves alcohol or permits gambling. The only way they can own a business that sells and serves liquor is by requesting a liquor license from the Michigan Liquor Control Commission, and it is highly unlikely that they will grant a felon a license. Also, if a felon was working at a casino with a gaming license, they will lose their license after the conviction and, thus, lose their job.

Both state and federal laws have severe consequences for convicted felons. If you’re facing any felony charges, place your trust in the experienced criminal defense attorneys at Hilf & Hilf, PLC. We understand that felony charges can turn your life upside down, so we’re dedicated to helping you build the strongest possible defense. Contact us today to request a consultation!

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