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If you receive a traffic ticket in Michigan, there are consequences beyond paying the scheduled fine for the offense.  If the traffic ticket appears on your driving record it can impact your insurance rates, your ability to continue to drive (if you get too many points), your employment (if your employment involves driving), and the chances of getting a break from police officers, Prosecutors or City Attorneys for future traffic offenses.

The key is to have the traffic ticket not appear on your record when possible.  There are a couple ways in which this can occur: you beat the allegation at a contested hearing; the officer fails to appear for the contested hearing and the matter is dismissed; OR there is a negotiated settlement of the ticket with the police officer, Prosecutor or City Attorney  to resolve the matter in a way where the ticket does not get abstracted to the Michigan Secretary of State.
The best way to handle a traffic ticket is to seek the help of an experienced traffic lawyer.  I recommend attorney Daniel Hilf for all traffic tickets.
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