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Warrants can be issued by Courts due to new cases, for probation violations, or failing to comply with a court order (for example, failure to appear when properly subpoenaed can lead to a show cause or a material witness warrant).  When the warrant is from out of State, sometimes there will be a request for extradition to enforce the outstanding warrant.

Notification of the warrant can be through the mail, a telephone call from police, or even perhaps from a friend or family member that received information from a police officer.  When a valid warrant exists you are at risk of being arrested whenever a police contact occurs.  The police contact can be a simple traffic stop, through a customs or border agent when entering the United States, or law enforcement could take a proactive approach and knock on your door or arrest you on your way to work.  Sometimes when you are stopped by police and they discover a warrant you are released because the jurisdiction where the warrant is from simply does not want to pick you up.  This is common for people stopped by the police in Oakland County for many misdemeanor offenses in Detroit.  There sometimes is a period of detention that occurs while law enforcement finds out whether or not the jurisdiction where the warrant exists will pick you up on that warrant.  In most instances if there is a valid warrant you should count on being taken to the court to address the matter.  In some instances, there is a bond or an interim bond that is set to allow for release.

If you have a warrant for your arrest your first step is to contact a lawyer that is experienced and that can help you, such as attorney Daniel Hilf from the law firm of Hilf & Hilf, PLC.  Why do you need a lawyer for a warrant?

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