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There are many different sex crimes and sex related offenses in Michigan, all of which require expert legal advice and representation.  The penalties are severe, and can include prison, sex offender registration, and lifetime tether depending upon the circumstances.
Sometimes in life there is only 1 opportunity to get the right result.

Sex crimes, and sex related offenses, that require the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney include (but are not limited to) the following:

The following blog contains general information, that should not be relied upon in substitution for the advice and the representation of a criminal defense lawyer familiar with the facts and circumstances of your particular case.  The law is subject to modification based upon the development of legal precedent, and changes to the existing statutory law, which could effect its application to your particular circumstances.

The Michigan Sex Offender Registation Act (SORA) is found in the Michigan Compiled Laws Sections 28.721 et seq.  There have been some recent amendments to the Act that were implemented on July 1, 2011.  Highlights of the new changes are as follows:
Three Tier System – you should always consult with an experienced  criminal defense attorney as to how a particular allegation is classified for purposes of the Michigan Sex Offender Registry
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