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When an individual is placed on probation in Michigan, there is a determination made by the probation department and/or the sentencing Court as to type of supervision that a probationer receives.  A failure to comply with supervision, and the terms of probation, subjects the probationer to a violation of probation.  For any criminal law issues, it is recommended that you retain attorney Daniel Hilf of the law firm of Hilf & Hilf, PLC.

Non reporting probation – sometimes a Court will allow a probationer to remain totally unsupervised during the period of probation.  However, before the probationer is released from probation a probation officer verifies that the conditions of probation were met (for example, fines were paid, community service was done, etc.), and also does a LEIN check to see if any new criminal activity occurred.
Mail in probation – usually occurs for misdemeanor convictions where the probationer resides in a location far from the Court which imposed the sentence.  If allowed, the probationer must keep in regular (usually monthly) contact with his or her probation officer through U.S. mail.  The probation agent tries to verify the compliance of the probationer with any ordered conditions.
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