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When a fire occurs, the law assumes that it had a natural or accidental cause unless the Prosecution can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the fire was set intentionally.  When an criminal investigation commences it is important to hire an experienced criminal lawyer fast.

Arson of a Dwelling House is a 20 year maximum felony under Michigan law. The crime of Arson of a Dwelling House has 3 elements that the Prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt in order to convict:
1) The Defendant burned the home or dwelling in question.  Burn means to either set fire, do anything that results in the starting of a fire, or helping or persuading someone else to start a fire.  If any part of the home is burned, no matter how small, that is all that is necessary to count as burning – the property does not have to be completely destroyed.  Blackend by smoke is not considered as burning; any charring is considered as burning.
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