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In Michigan, a person facing prison may shorten their incarceration if they are placed in and successfully complete the MDOC SAI Prisoner Boot Camp.  Both men and women are candidates for the program.  The first portion of the program is ninety (90) days in length, during which the inmate participates in strenuous physical exercise, community projects work, educational and vocational counseling.  Inmates who successfully complete the boot camp program are immediately paroled to aftercare in the area of the inmate’s residence.  The aftercare component is a combination of a 30 day residential substance abuse treatment program and 90 days on electronic monitoring.  If an inmate does not exhibit a need for residential substance abuse treatment, the 30 day residential treatment program can be waived and the probationer will participate in electronic monitoring for 120 days.  The inmate is then placed on 5 months of intensive monitoring.  Inmates who fail the program are transferred to a regular prison to complete their sentence.

Not everyone qualifies for Michigan SAI Prisoner Boot Camp.  The following is a partial list of offenses which would exclude an inmate from participating in the MDOC SAI Boot Camp program: OUIL offenses on or after 1/1/93; Sexually Delinquent Person; Taking a Woman and Compelling Her to Marry; Animals – fighting, baiting, or shooting; Animals – Dogs Trained for Fighting; Burning a Dwelling House; Burning of Other Real Property; Burning of Insurance Property; Setting Fire to Mines and Mining Material; Assault with Intent to Commit Murder; Assault with Intent to Maim; Assault with Intent to Rob and Steal; Armed Robbery; Attempt to Murder; Burglary with Explosives; Cruelty to Children; Child Abuse; Child Sexually Abusive Material; Solicitation of any felony; Crime Against Nature; Sodomy; Escape from Jail or Prison; Placing Explosives with Intent to Destroy; Extortion; Counterfeiting and possession of coins; First Degree Murder; Second Degree Murder; Death as result of Fighting or a Duel; Manslaughter; Death due to Explosives; Indecent Exposure; Gross Indecency; Kidnapping; Prisoner Taking Another as Hostage; Kidnapping Child under 14 years; Mayhem; Perjury; Poisoning; Railroads – Attempt to Wreck or Endanger; Forcible Detention of Railroad Train; First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC); Second Degree CSC; Third Degree CSC; Assault with Intent to Commit CSC; Robbery; Aggravated Assault; Carjacking; Bank Robbery; Safebreaking; Treason; Incitement to Riot; Offenses that involve death or homicide.
There are other reasons that could disqualify a prisoner from MDOC SAI Boot Camp eligibility:
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