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In Michigan, there are a number of crimes related to Prostitution:

Engaging or Offering to Engage Services of Female (MCL 750.449a) provides that any male person who engages or offers to engage the services of a female person, not his wife, for the purpose of prostitution, lewdness, or assignation, by the payment of money or other forms of consideration, is guilty of a misdemeanor. Prostitution is not limited to sexual intercourse, and applies to a number of sexual acts. The penalty for this offense is a misdemeanor conviction that carries a possible jail sentence of up to 90 days or a maximum fine of $500, or both. This particular offense does not require registration as a sex offender under the Michigan Sex Offenders Registration Act. The possible penalty, if an automobile is involved, is vehicle forfeiture. The exception to this statute is that it does not apply to a police officer in the performance of his or her duties pursuant to MCL 750.451a. This offense is charged as either a local ordinance or under state law.

Some local communities and cities have a mandatory minimum sentence upon conviction.  In Detroit, for example, this offense is prosecuted under a local ordinance that provides for a jail term upon conviction.  An experienced criminal defense lawyer is often able to overcome this harsh result.

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