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JC Penney has a reputation for prosecuting shoplifters to the fullest extent of the law.  The policy of JC Penney is that actively apprehending shoplifters deters people from stealing and protects their merchandise.  What makes JC Penney more successful with preventing shoplifting than other stores?

First, the resources that JC Penney employs to discover and prevent theft is vast.  They have well trained loss prevention personnel, closed circuit television monitoring of the entire store with recording of the same, and theft detection devices.

Second, the loss prevention training is top notch.  Closed Circuit Televisions are constantly monitored.  Loss prevention also works on the sales floor to personally observe shoppers and look for suspicious behavior.  Loss prevention is made aware of persons to watch out for who have a suspected prior history of theft from the store.  Dressing rooms are frequently checked for missing items or removed theft detection devices.  There is adequate staffing of loss prevention so that help is available if someone were to flee or become aggressive.

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