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This blog is not intended to be a substitute for legal representation.  It does not create an attorney client relationship. The advice given in this blog is general in nature, and may (or may not) apply to your own particular situation.  Immigration law is always changing, and the information provided here is subject to change at anytime.  Again, for anyone with an immigration issue it is recommended to hire an immigration lawyer immediately.

Asylum Strategies

1. Don’t delay.  Asylum cases are time sensitive.  If the application is not filed within 1 year of the applicants last entry into the United States the claim will be prohibited, unless an exception to the filing deadline applies.  Exceptions include a change in circumstances or extraordinary circumstances that prevented the timely submission of the asylum application.  If the lateness is due to a change in circumstance or an extraordinary circumstance, the filing must occur within a reasonable time after the changed or extraordinary circumstance.  If the asylum claim is barred, the applicant might find still relief under withholding of removal or the convention against torture (CAT).  However, these alternatives are harder to substantiate than asylum.  Also, memories can fade over time, so delay can impact the strength of a case.  Documents and records that corroborate a claim might become unavailable or destroyed after a period of time, so going forward in a timely manner is crucial.

The following is a sample of some (but possibly not all) of the potential questions that may be asked during an asylum interview, or during a trial concerning asylum or withholding of removal. Some of these questions may not be asked due to relevancy as it relates to your particular matter. This list is not meant to act or serve as the substitute for the advice and legal representation of an experienced immigration lawyer that is familiar with the facts and circumstances regarding your case.  For outstanding asylum representation, hire Hilf & Hilf, PLC as your lawyer.

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