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A United States Citizen can help their alien fiance obtain lawful permanent residence in the United States.  One way is to apply for a fiance visa if your fiance resides overseas and you wish to marry in the United States.  If approved, your fiance can enter the United States for 90 days in order for the marriage to take place.  Once the marriage occurs, your spouse is able to apply for permanent residence and remain in the United States while the matter is processed.  An I-129F Form – Petition for Alien Fiance(e) – must be completed an submitted.  Once approved, the matter is forwarded to the United States embassy or consulate located nearest to where the fiance lives.

Another method is to marry your fiance overseas.  If this occurs a Form I-130  – Petition for Alien Relative – is submitted.  In addition to this form, the United States citizen and his or her alien spouse must each complete Form G-325A which provides general biographical information.  The purpose for these steps is to prevent marriage fraud.
The marriage certificate alone attached to your petition will not suffice.  Other documentation are needed, such as photos, love letters, affidavits from relatives and friends attesting to the marriage, etc.  For fiance petitions, it is recommended that you retain an experienced immigration lawyer, such as attorney Sufen Hilf.
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