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There are many different felony charges, and the amount that a lawyer charges for one as opposed to another may differ.  There are a variety of reasons why different felony offenses may cost different amounts.

First, some types of cases are more complex than others.  Some cases require great preparation, thorough legal research, and the allocution of the correct resources.  Resources may include the use of private investigators, expert witnesses, subpoenaing of records, etc.

Second, some cases take a lot more time for a lawyer to handle.  Sometimes the amount of discovery the lawyer receives is so large that it takes days to review it all.  Some cases require preliminary examinations, motions, and evidentiary hearings to challenge the evidence being presented.  If the case requires a lot of time the criminal defense lawyer may not have the time or ability to take on new cases.

The police officer makes an arrest in Michigan when he or she determines that there is probable cause that a crime has been committed.

For petty or minor offenses the police officer may release the individual on their own personal recognizance with instructions to contact the Court for an arraignment date or that they will be contacted at a later date with a Court date.  Sometimes an interim bond is allowed to be posted with the arresting police agency prior to arraignment.

For more serious offenses, or sometimes due to local policies, the person arrested is not given a bond until he or she is arraigned in front of a magistrate or Judge.  If the person is taken into custody at the police station or county jail, he or she is booked and fingerprinted.  The person accused usually has an opportunity to make a telephone call from the police station or county jail to a family member if he or she is detained.  When a family member calls from jail it is important not to discuss the details of the case in as much as the phone call is usually recorded or monitored.  Your first step is to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

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