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Carrying a Concealed Weapon (CCW) is a felony in Michigan that carries a maximum punishment of 5 years in prison or a $2500 fine. If charged with Carrying a Concealed Weapon, the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that:

1)  The Defendant knowingly carried a concealed weapon such as a pistol, dirk (a straight knife with a pointed blade), dagger (a knife with a short, pointed blade). stiletto (a small dagger with a slender tapering blade), double edged non folding stabbing instrument, or a dangerous stabbing weapon. It does not matter if the Defendant carried the weapon for protection, because self defense is not a defense to this charge.

2)   The weapon was concealed on the Defendant’s person. Complete invisibility is not required. A weapon is concealed if it cannot easily be seen by those who come into ordinary contact with the Defendant.   A pistol carried in a holster or belt outside of a person’s clothing in plain view is not considered to be concealed. If a coat covered the holster or belt, the pistol becomes concealed.

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