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There are several important Statutory and Constitutional Rights that every person who is prosecuted in a Michigan Court for a criminal allegation has:
1. Right to be represented by a lawyer. Anytime your liberty is at risk you have an absolute right to have a lawyer defend you. The right to counsel also includes your right to select the lawyer that is right for you provided that you hire that lawyer and the lawyer is not hired on the eve of trial. Some Judges may prevent you from hiring the lawyer of your choice if hiring that lawyer will delay the trial. If you cannot afford a lawyer, you can petition the Court for a public defender. A public defender is not a free lawyer. The Court may order you to reimburse for the cost of the lawyer if it is later determined that you have the ability to do so. You also have the right to represent yourself, if you are foolish enough to choose this option. A person who represents himself or herself is held to the same standard as a lawyer, which places them at a tremendous disadvantage.
2. Right to address bond. Unless the charge allows for a denial of bond (such as treason or murder), you have the right to ask for a bond to be set. The Court will consider a number of factors in making its determination, including the risk of flight and danger to the community.
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