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Why people steal is a complex question with many different possible answers:

  1.  Thrill.  There is a sense of excitement for many.  The thought of getting away with something can be enticing.  The sense of accomplishment for outsmarting the system is intoxicating to others.  The adrenaline.  The satisfaction.  The feeling of achievement.
  2. Mental illness.  To some, the need to steal is a compulsion.  It is not always about need.  Typically a kleptomaniac steals without giving much thought to whether or not he or she actually needs the item.  It is not uncommon for people that steal to suffer from some form of depression.

Not everyone who conceals or removes merchandise from a store do it with the intent to steal.  Sometimes people take or conceal items by accident.

What may constitute accidental shoplifting?

  1. When shopping, items are sometimes placed under the shopping cart due to the item’s size or because the shopping cart is full, sometimes the items are overlooked.  If the item was overlooked it is possible that it is accidentally removed from the store without being paid for.
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