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Cases of retail fraud can be prosecuted by the city of Troy or the Oakland County Prosecutor’s office.  For a person arrested for misdemeanor retail fraud that does not have an extensive record, the likelihood is higher that the case will be handled by the city attorney for Troy Michigan.

Troy Michigan has a local law (also known as a local ordinance) that allows for the city attorney to prosecute certain crimes (including retail fraud).  Cases prosecuted by the city attorney for Troy Michigan are handled at the 52-4th Division District Court which is located at 520 W. Big Beaver Road in the city of Troy, Michigan.

Retail Fraud under the Troy Michigan ordinance (Troy ordinance number 98.08.02) carries a maximum possible punishment of 93 days in the Oakland County Jail and a fine of not more than five hundred dollars.  Jail is an option that the Judges have.  However, in many cases, jail can be avoided.

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