Question – What are my chances of getting 7411 for a possession and paraphernalia case that happened at the same time?

What are my chances of getting 7411 for possession and paraphernalia citations at the same time?

I received two Misdemeanor citations in the same traffic stop, one for possession of paraphernalia and the other for possession of marijuana(very small amount). I am 28 I have never been arrested or in trouble?

You can get 7411 for possession of marijuana, but not for the paraphernalia charge.  It may be  possible to reach a plea bargain or under advisement sentence to address the paraphernalia charge if you intend to plead guilty.  However, you should speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer, such as the lawyers at Hilf & Hilf, PLC to see if the case can be dismissed on Constitutional grounds or is defensible at trial.
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