Question – What does a show cause hearing mean?

I had a year probation for sub-possess/analogues. I was ordered to take drug tests for first month-every week. Had another court date where I was taken off tests. Also I was assigned non-reporting probation. I do not have a officer of the court that I reported to. My year is up and I got a notice for a hearing that says show cause hearing. What does this mean? I have not been in any trouble. Is this the end of probation? Do I take another drug test at this time? Thank you for your time.

“Show cause” basically means that you are ordered to appear before the Court, and the failure to appear will result in a bench warrant for your arrest. The “show cause” could have been ordered to see if you complied with your probation, or to possibly bring you before the Court to answer for a violation of probation. Complying with your probation means that you did everything that the Judge told you to do, which usually means: staying out of trouble; paying all fines/costs/restitution/restitution; not leaving the state without permission; not changing your address without notifying probation; not using drugs and alcohol; testing for drugs and alcohol as ordered; not submitting an adulterated or diluted drug sample; completing any community service hours that were ordered, etc. If you didn’t do everything you were asked to do, you should hire a lawyer to help you.
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