Chinese Student Lawyer

Thousands of Chinese nationals come to Michigan every year under visas that allow for foreign students to reside and study in the United States.  Most Chinese students spend their time at the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, University of Detroit Mercy and other higher learning institutions without incident and with little problems adjusting to life in the United States.

Chinese Criminal Lawyer

There are an unfortunate number of Chinese students who come into contact with the criminal justice system for offenses such as drunk driving, shoplifting, traffic offenses, domestic assault, and others.  Often the reason is cultural; the way the infraction is treated in China is different than in Michigan and there is an assumption the issue will be handled similarly here.  Sometimes the reasons are due to depression or other psychological issue.  Often, it is simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

When a Chinese student faces such an issue, the number one considerations should be: how is this going to affect me and how to I get the best possible outcome.  Often the student does not realize that the issue could cause problems with their ability to remain in the United States,  On occasion, a Chinese student may decide to leave the United States to visit family or friends or vacation, and is not permitted to return due to a prior criminal conviction.  A criminal conviction can affect a chinese student’s ability to adjust their non immigrant status to allow them to continue in the United States after graduation.

In Michigan, many Chinese students with criminal and traffic issues hire the law firm of Hilf & Hilf, PLC.  The reason for this is that Hilf & Hilf, PLC has lawyers that specialize in both Immigration law and Criminal and traffic cases.  These lawyers communicate with one another to attempt to address potential immigration issues in the best possible way.  Attorney Daniel Hilf is an award winning lawyer, who is regarded as superb by the nationally known AVVO website.  Furthermore, attorney Sufen Hilf of the law firm of Hilf & Hilf, PLC is fluent in mandarin.  Attorney Sufen Hilf can relate to many Chinese students because she came to the United States originally as a Chinese student, and eventually furthered herself through education and United States citizenship.  She already went down the path that many Chinese students are on now, and is thus in a position to offer guidance.  Most importantly, on top of this background, she provides outstanding legal representation in all aspects of immigration law.

Chinese Immigration Lawyer

Attorney Sufen Hilf has extensive experience in employment based immigration, family based immigration, removal proceedings (deportation), nationality and naturalization, waivers, and investor’s cases (such as EB-5).   Her practice is comprised of mainly referrals from prior clients, existing clients, generations of existing clients, and lawyers, for good reason – she gets results.  Sufen Hilf is THE lawyer when it comes to immigration cases in Michigan and THE ONLY LAWYER IN MICHIGAN that handles all aspects of immigration law that is also fluent in mandarin.

Chinese Personal Injury Lawyer

There are other legal issues where are expertise is sought as well.  Unfortunately, Personal injury cases can happen to anyone, anywhere.  Car accidents, negligence, dog bites, botched medical procedures are a few of the areas where our help was and is sought.  Why do they seek our help?  Primarily, Hilf & Hilf, PLC is sought for legal representation in other areas due to our reputation, experience, and ability to communicate in mandarin.  It is also due to the lawyers and professionals we know and the excellence we expect when it comes to the people we know and refer to.   We expect excellence when it comes to legal representation and we surround ourselves with lawyers that demand the same.  The bottom line is that we are here to help you to get the best possible result, no matter where that help comes from.  Call us today for a better tomorrow.

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