Top 50 Felony Offenses in Michigan

An article in the March 2012 Michigan Bar Journal, authored by retired Circuit Court Judge John Hammond, listed the 50 most frequently occurring felony offenses in Michigan.  They are listed in order from the most common to the least common, however the list only reflects a fraction of the total number of possible felonies in Michigan.

1.  Possession of a Controlled Substance less than 25 Grams (Cocaine/Narcotic)
2.  Manufacture or Delivery of Less than 5 Kilograms of Marijuana
3.  OUIL 3rd Offense; OWI 3rd Offense; OUIN 3rd Offense
4.  Possession with Intent to Deliver Less than 50 Grams (Cocaine/Narcotic)
5.  Assault, Resist, or Obstruct a Police Officer
6.  Larceny in a Building
7.  Home Invasion 2nd Degree
8.  Uttering and Publishing
9.  Breaking and Entering a Building with Intent
10.  Carrying a Concealed Weapon (CCW)
11.  Felonious Assault (Assault with a Dangerous Weapon)
12.  Refusal to Support Spouse or Children
13.  Possession of an Analogue Controlled Substance (pills)
14.  Retail Fraud 1st Degree
15.  Possession of a Financial Transaction Device without Consent
16.  Fleeing or Eluding Police Officer, 3rd Degree
17.  Receiving or Concealing a Stolen Vehicle
18.  Larceny from a Vehicle
19.  Armed Robbery
20.  Felon Possessing a Firearm
21.  Possession of Methamphetamine (MDMA)
22.  Home Invasion 1st Degree
23.  Unlawful Driving Away an Automobile (UDAA)
24.  Keeping a Drug House
25.  Unarmed Robbery
26.  Assault with Intent to Cause Great Bodily Harm (Assault GBH)
27.  Domestic Violence 3rd Offense
28.  Failure to Register as a Sex Offender
29.  Receiving or Cocealing Stolen Property over $1,000
30.  Home Invasion 3rd Degree
31.  Embezzlement over $1,000
32.  Criminal Sexual Conduct 3rd Degree (CSC 3rd)
33.  Felony Firearm
34.  Criminal Sexual Conduct 2nd Degree (CSC 2nd)
35.  Delivery or Manufacture of Controlled Substance, Schedule 1-3
36.  Fleeing or Eluding Police Officer, 4th Degree
37.  Larceny from a Person
38.  Criminal Sexual Conduct, 4th Degree (CSC 4th)
39.  Identity Theft
40.  Unlawful Use of a Motor vehicle
41.  Larceny over $1,000
42.  Obtaining Controlled Substance by Fraud
43.  Illegal Sale or Use of a Financial Transaction Device
44.  Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle with Damage
45.  Criminal Sexual Conduct, 1st Degree (CSC 1st)
46.  Malicious Destruction of Property over $1,000 (MDOP over $1,000)
47.  False Report of a Felony
48.  No Account Checks
49.  Murder, 2nd Degree
50.  Entering without Breaking but with Intent
Daniel Hilf, Esq. of the law firm of Hilf & Hilf, PLC,  has represented individuals concerning every charge on the list you just read, and many offenses that are not on this list.  He is a criminal defense lawyer who is driven by a commitment to winning. His legal career is distinguished by an ability to think on his feet, to analyze issues in both conventional and unconventional ways, and to react effectively against the challenges presented by Prosecutors and Courts.

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