How to Schedule an Appointment with a Criminal Lawyer.

A common reaction when someone is being investigated by law enforcement, is charged with a crime, or receives a ticket is “what should I do”.  The answer to all of these scenarios is to contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately.  The answer is the same if you did something wrong, or you didn’t do anything wrong.  As to the timing as to when to contact the lawyer – the answer is immediately.  A criminal lawyer will have the experience, the skills, and the expertise to help you through a difficult situation.

Finding a lawyer is easy through a number of different sources: the internet; through friends and family who might know a lawyer; advertisements; the State Bar association.  Having the name of a lawyer is not enough.  How do you know the lawyer is any good?  Sometimes online reviews by other clients and other lawyers is a good indication.  A lawyer’s website is likely to have biographical information that will tell you a great deal about the lawyer’s history and ability.  The best way to find out is by taking the time to contact the lawyer and to ask pertinent questions.

Not every lawyer will be able to handle the case you have.  Be careful of lawyers that advertise that they can handle every type of case (criminal law, social security, slip and fall, divorce, bankruptcy).  Too often a lawyer that is a “jack of all trades” is truly a master of none.

Most lawyers will take a few minutes to speak with you over the telephone without charge.  There are also on line forums, such as through AVVO, that will allow you to ask a question to a number of different lawyers.   Many lawyers have the ability to receive messages or communications through their website, and to respond to your inquiry either by email or by a telephone call.

It is important to discuss your case only with a lawyer, and only when you are in private.  When the conversation is not with a lawyer, the person you discussed the case with could become a witness to what you said.  When the conversation is not in private, the attorney-client privilege does not apply.  Sometimes, for major criminal cases, there may even be a concern that the phone is wiretapped.

You should feel confident that if you contact a lawyer, the lawyer will want to help you.  Obviously the lawyer will need to be retained to provide in-depth and/or in court representation.

If your concern is the money a lawyer charges, you should consider that you cannot really put a price on your good name, your freedom, your future, your employment, and your family – these are all things that can be affected by a criminal charge.  Many lawyers will allow for payment plans or credit card payments for the attorney fee.  Lawyers realize that these types of expenses are often unexpected.

When you meet the lawyer, make sure that you bring any paperwork that is relevant to your case.  Examples of paperwork include things such as: tickets; notices from a court; business cards from police officers/detectives/agents; etc.

The important thing again is to reach out and make the contact.  A trusted, reliable, and experienced criminal Defense lawyer is Attorney Daniel Hilf of the law firm Hilf & Hilf, PLC.  It is recommended that you call him today concerning any criminal law matter.


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