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Attorney Daniel Hilf of Hilf & Hilf, PLC provides zealous representation for individuals accused of rape (also known as criminal sexual conduct) throughout Michigan.  He will fight for your best case outcome no matter what the obstacle or accusation, if you retain his services to be your attorney.

Rape allegations have ruined and changed more lives than any other criminal offense.  The prosecution of rape cases are cluttered with huge injustices, because these cases are sometimes prosecuted with little or no physical evidence, significant factual inconsistencies, lack of corroboration, and/or after many years of delay.  When it comes to rape allegations there are many who assume the worst of the accused, which goes against the presumption of innocence and our essential Constitutional rights that in theory are supposed to eliminate false convictions.  The alleged victims of rape are given special attention and care by “victim’s advocates” and prosecutors, which may sound good when it relates to real victims of sexual abuse, but it also has the tendency to emotionally reward and protect persons who make false claims of rape.  Even with an alleged victim recanting an untrue rape accusation, the case against the accused is often not dismissed because the prosecution will argue that it is up to a jury to decide if the alleged victim was credible in their recantation or credible in their original statement.
Rape cases in Michigan are often assigned to “special prosecutors” who are assigned to only prosecute these types of allegations, and who have specialized training in order to gain the largest number of convictions.  Michigan laws are formulated by our government to give the prosecution an unfair advantage by allowing in most cases statements by the alleged victim that were at one time considered to be inadmissible hearsay, allowing in many cases the admission of other act evidence, and by harsh sentencing measures upon conviction including potentially years of incarceration (which sometimes induces the innocent to enter into a plea resolution).
There are a number of different reasons why false allegations of rape arise, including: bias, prejudice, anger, child custody related issues, false memories, coaching of witnesses, mental illness, the need for attention, mistaken identity, etc.  The ability of the defense to develop a theory or reason for the false allegation of rape is critical, because the attitude of many jurors, Judges, and prosecutors is to question the reason why an alleged victim would lie about rape unless they are given a credible reason for the same to have occurred.  There may be a need to retain an expert witnesses to provide the jury with an psychological explanation as to why false allegations of criminal sexual conduct are pursued in courtrooms, or concerning issues regarding false identification.  It is important to work closely with your lawyer to fully develop and present your rape defense in a credible, consistent, and compelling manner.
A conviction for rape can lead to prison.  If incarcerated with the Michigan Department of Corrections, a convicted rapist will need to complete sex offender classes/therapy in prison to receive parole.  It often takes years to complete sex offender classes/therapy due to the waiting list within prison to enter the same.
After any conviction for rape there are stringent sex offender registration requirements which the convicted individual is required to comply with, including: the need to register once, twice, or four times a year (depending upon the nature of the underlying conviction); the need to register if the convicted individual moves, vacates their residence, goes on a vacation, attends a school, obtains a job, obtains a new email address, obtains a motor vehicle, and/or changes their name.  The individual convicted of rape must also maintain a Michigan driver’s license or personal identification card, and their are limitations concerning where the person can reside, work, or loiter.   Depending on the nature of the conviction offense and/or the age of the alleged victim, the convicted offender may be subject to wearing a tether for the rest of their life.  Needless to say, a rape conviction can destroy careers and families.
The only way you can try to level this very unfair playing field is to obtain a great criminal law advocate who has vast experience defending rape cases, such as attorney Daniel Hilf.  The experience and quality of your lawyer may make a great difference in the ultimate outcome of your case, and you should not take chances when it comes to your legal defense.  You and your future are important, and you owe it to yourself and your family to invest resources in a proper and zealous defense for your rape accusation.
Even if the rape accusation is in your opinion 100% true and seemingly without a good defense, you still need outstanding legal representation to evaluate the case for weaknesses and to obtain the best possible result for you.  Your criminal defense attorney may be able to negotiate an excellent result with the prosecution and/or the Judge, which may make a huge difference in the type of conviction (if any) received and sentence (if any) imposed.
A Strong Defense and Stellar Legal Representation for all Michigan Rape Charges
Attorney Daniel Hilf of Hilf & Hilf, PLC has successfully fought against rape charges through a combination of proven legal ability, aggressiveness, thorough investigation, extensive case preparation, and the ability to litigate in Court before Judge and jury.  Although every rape allegation is factually different from others, and results can never be guaranteed, attorney Daniel Hilf has previously obtained acquittals and dismissals of rape allegations for clients in Michigan courtrooms.  The types of  rape and criminal sexual conduct related offenses that attorney Daniel Hilf defends includes all of the following: CSC 1st Degree, CSC 2nd Degree, CSC 3rd Degree, CSC 4th Degree, Assault with Intent to Penetrate, Indecent Exposure, Sex Offender Registration violation, and CSAM (Child Sexually Abusive Material).
When it comes to a rape investigation, it is important to immediately hire an experienced defense attorney to represent you from day one, because there are a lot of risks for an individual without proper legal representation.   If facing a rape accusation or a rape charge immediately contact a trusted defense lawyer, because your present and future are on the line.   When it comes to a rape case it is important to not give up hope, because with the right criminal defense lawyer in your corner, like attorney Daniel Hilf, it may make all the difference in the world in your ultimate result.

If you have been arrested or charged with rape or any criminal sexual conduct offense it is critical to contact attorney Daniel Hilf immediately for legal representation.

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