Lawyer for Jail Visit. Lawyer for Prison Visit.

Sometimes there is a need to hire a lawyer for purposes of a jail visit or a prison visit.  Reasons to hire a lawyer for a jail visit include the following:

  1.  Family and friends are concerned because they are unable to obtain information.  Someone incarcerated is often isolated, without the immediate ability to communicate with the outside world;
  2. The family and friends want to show the person who is incarcerated that they are loved and supported;
  3. The person incarcerated has a issue involving criminal law, immigration, or child support, and the family and friends of that person want to help;
  4. There is sensitive information that needs to be communicated to the person who is incarcerated.  It should be remembered that telephone calls are recorded and mail is screened by authorities.  Anything that is said is subject to be used against the parties to the conversation in a court of law or otherwise.  Sensitive information concerning a criminal offense should never be discussed over a phone maintained by a jail or correctional facility.  Communications between an attorney and his or her client are confidential.  An attorney usually has the ability to meet with a person who is incarcerated in a private location to fully discuss legal issues.  However, it is important to remember that sometimes there are ethical limitations on the advice a lawyer can provide.  Also, a lawyer may be prevented from communicating information that he or she learns due to attorney-client privilege and ethical duties of confidentiality;
  5. There is a concern that a person who is incarcerated could make an admission to a police officer, ICE, or a Court that ultimately hurts them down the road.  The intervention of a lawyer improves the chance that such an admission is not made;
  6. Sometimes the person incarcerated needs to sign powers of attorney to a family member so that personal matters and financial matters can be attended to;
  7. Sometimes the person incarcerated has vital information as to running or maintaining their business or business affairs that needs to be communicated to workers, managers, and/or partners;
  8. Sometimes a family member, employer, or friend needs to obtain vital information about a business or a personal issue.   Incarceration always creates communication problems.

Often having an experienced lawyer retained for a jail or prison visit will lead to an extended beneficial working relationship.  There are situations where a family member or friend of someone incarcerated wants the lawyer to make a visit to see if the person incarcerated and the lawyer are compatible.  Paying for the lawyer’s time for the visit acts as an audition process without a full financial commitment.  There are occasions where the family member or employer is not even sure if the person incarcerated even wants a lawyer, and can hire a lawyer to visit to gauge their interest of having legal representation.

In some instances a lawyer can be hired for only a limited purpose.  When it comes to arguing bond in criminal and immigration proceedings, a one time representation is often allowed by courts.  A great aspect of legal representation is that it often be limited to a particular issue.  When a lawyer is retained for 1 visit or 1 issue it often makes the ability of obtaining legal representation more affordable and focused to what is most important.

Hiring a lawyer gives you the peace of mind that you did everything in your power to help your family member, friend, or employee to the best of your ability.  Delaying and deciding not to got the extra mile to obtain legal representation is often a source of regret, and missed opportunity.  Sometimes the quick intervention of a lawyer, and providing early on proper legal advice, makes all the difference in the outcome received.

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