I Need a Green Card – Should I Hire an Immigration Lawyer?

In order to live and work in the United States for any extended period of time, in most cases you’re legally required to obtain a green card.  Anyone who has tried to obtain a green card can tell you that the process and procedure required for a successful application can become extremely complicated, and for some individuals it may be impossible. It involves an overwhelming amount of paperwork, legal assistance, and time.

Remember: one simple mistake can have disastrous consequences.

A Broken System

People familiar with it’s workings often refer to the U.S. immigration system as “broken.” Unfortunately, the system is designed with a focus on preventing an excessive amount of immigration into the U.S., due to a long-established, and arguably unfounded, fear of a potential drain on resources or a lack of job prospects for natural citizens, as opposed to a focus on helping applicants easily transition into a new life in America.

Because of this, it can be extremely difficult to complete the arduous process of becoming a legal citizen. Immigration authorities will find any reason to deny applicants their green card, including visa overstays, health problems, lack of employment, and past criminal convictions.

On top of the numerous justifications for finding someone ineligible, the immigration authority will often make mistakes that cause lengthly delays in your application process. Misplacing documents and requesting documents that don’t exist are problems that frequently present themselves. It is always difficult when you have to deal with a large uncaring bureaucracy.  When problems do arise, it can be frustratingly difficult to contact the proper authority to remedy the situation, and it usually requires the expertise of a professional immigration attorney.

How We Can Help

If you’re not sure whether or not you need a professional immigration attorney to assist you in acquiring your green card, you may quickly discover after attempting to properly complete your immigration forms or running into a bureaucratic mishap that the process is unmanageable without professional guidance.  There are legal requirements that are best left to a lawyer.  This complicated process is even more difficult when language barriers exist, and when the individual is not familiar with the legal process in the United States.

When it comes to such an important and life-changing event like immigration, there’s no room to take any chances. An experienced attorney can help secure your future and reduce the potential for a denial of your application.  A lawyer experienced with immigration law can properly review your case and make a determination as to the best avenue, or avenues, of relief that you can seek.  The experienced immigration lawyer will make recommendations concerning the proper paperwork and documentation needed to support your application.  There may even be immigration solutions that you are unaware of that an experienced immigration lawyer can guide you to.

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