Corporate Immigration Lawyer

Corporate Immigration Law Firm.

Hilf & Hilf, PLC represents a diverse, complex range of clients including multinational corporations, United States corporations, privately held companies, start up ventures, partnerships, small sized businesses, and individuals.  We also represent non profit entities such as religious organizations and charitable organizations.

Through our comprehensive, thorough ability and knowledge of legal, business, government, regulatory, and political issues, we help clients to gain and maintain success in all areas of business immigration.  We are dynamic and goal oriented, and provide our clients with a wide range of immigration and naturalization services.

Non Immigrant Visas.  Hilf & Hilf, PLC is your one stop destination for all non immigrant visa issues.  The immigration laws in the United States provide a broad range of opportunities for foreign nationals to live in the United States and pursue employment opportunities, such as: E visas (treaty traders and investors); F visas (for students); H-1B visas (for professional workers); L visas(intracompany transferees); and J visas (exchange visitors).  Issues that arise commonly for our corporate clients with immigration issues include (but are not limited to) H-1B petitions; H-1B quota caps; the portability of H-1B workers; prevailing wage issues; corporate hires, layoffs, and terminations and related immigration issues; work authorization of spouses; visa requirements and their interpretations by different embassies and consulates worldwide; limitations on the ability to train and work for foreign students.

US Immigrant Visas.  Hilf & Hilf, PLC has the experience, knowledge and training necessary to help you obtain an immigrant visa.  We are aware of the changing laws, regulations, and practices in immigration law that can affect the portability of labor certifications and immigrant visa petitions, adjustment of status, labor certification, the processing times and procedures for immigrant visas.

Removal Proceedings, Court Hearings, Waivers, and Border Issues.  Hilf & Hilf, PLC handles issues involving corporate and company workers who have issues concerning their ability to remain in the United States, who want to lawfully extend the length of time they wish to remain in the United States, or who even have difficulty entering the United States due to immigration related issues.  Such issues include: criminal convictions; expunged criminal convictions; misrepresentations or fraud issues; workers that are out of status; document or paperwork issues; problems at ports of entry; asylum

Business immigration related cases we have successfully handled include  (but are not limited to) the following: PERM labor certification; labor certifications H1-B portability issues; public inspection files for H1-B petitions; Free Trade Agreement visas; Extraordinary Ability in science, education, arts, business, or athletics; Multinational executives and managers; Employment creation and Investor visas; Foreign worker visas; Religious worker visas; Employment related family immigration; I-9 Issues; Health career worker visas; International organization visas; Immigrant visa petitions; Waivers; Cancellation of Removal.

The success of Hilf & Hilf, PLC is best judged by the number of referrals we receive from clients, former clients, corporations, businesses, partnerships, and lawyers.  We are your best solution to the complexities of United States Immigration Law.

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